AQUATREK is the premier and exclusive brand in the hydrotherapy market and we are so passionate about our conviction in hydrotherapy that our name says it all! The core team at AQUATREK has vast experience providing the expertise required to create the best in underwater treadmills and hydrotherapy setups. Our philosophy has always been to deliver a quality product by focusing our design on innovation, smart technology, aesthetics, and simplicity with functionality. We pride ourselves in offering a product that is reliable, easy-to-use and versatile.

HEALTHTREK- We strive hard to keep your health on trek

The AQUATREK is a premier and exclusive product in the field of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. HEALTHTREK HEALHCARE introduces the AQUATREK as an innovative hydrotherapy treadmill and Pool. Along with aquatic rehabilitation, the AQUATREK can also be used for fitness training and weight control. The natural buoyancy of water provides a low impact but high intensity workout which is especially important for patients in ‘recovery’ mode. With adjustable water temperatures and water levels, the AQUATREK makes rehab, fitness training, or weight control a relaxing experience. The new premium look of the AQUATREK allows the setup to blend easily into its surroundings even in the most upscale clinics, hospitals, or homes. The AQUATREK is designed for function but the designers at HEALTHTREK have kept in mind the maxim “simple is beautiful”. The AQUATREK is a high quality product that is beautiful, robust, convenient, and user friendly, for both, operator and patient .

Being a proud underwater treadmill manufacturer, AQUATREK assures a complete hydrotherapeutic treatment for people of all ages and abilities. With an attractive and smart touch screen, the AQUATREK has shown itself to be a user’s delight. The AQUATREK comes with factory fitted ‘jets’ that are designed to increase resistance throughout a workout session. Additionally, the AQUATREK’s innovative feature makes hydrotherapy a breeze! The AQUATREK assures excellent durability. AQUATREK could be a unique preposition for any individuals, properties, Hospitals, Sports academies, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy clinics .For gyms and physical therapy clinics, adding the AQUATREK as a commercial underwater treadmill makes sense because it is both, a highly profitable investment and a valuable asset that allows them to help people in need reach their fitness and rehabilitation goals.

AQUATREK is the ultimate training and recovery tool. Its low impact workout yields high impact results with less joint stress, muscle fatigue, and injury. Athletes can work harder, recover faster, and stay in the game. It’s a rehabilitation tool that allows for conditioning during recovery with faster results. “AQUATREK” combines the joy of RELIEF, RECOVERY & REJUVENATION in a unique Hydrotherapy Pool & aquatic treadmill.

AQUATREK is the unique product in the market, it is known for STATE–OF–ART Quality with higher performance. We are committed to maintaining international quality norms.

AQUATREK can be used in a broad range of applications, with multiple end uses such as Post Surgery Rehab, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia,Back and Spinal Pain, Obesity,Sports rehabilitation, Paralysis, cerebral palsy, Sports rehab and sports conditioning,Ante and post natal,Weight lossand various sports activities.

Post-operative rehabilitation for the following operations:

Pre and Post Knee Surgery, ACL Knee Surgery
Ankle Fusion Surgery, Femur Replacement
Fractured Foot, Fractured Pelvis
Hip Replacement, Shoulder Surgery, Spinal Surgery


INTEGRATED PORTABLE DESIGN AQUATREK Fitness Treadmill Pools, adopt integrated portable design and intelligent control system, the user can choose the suitable temperature from 20 to 30 degrees centigrade assure to be used in 365 days of a whole year, fully meet your non-stop requirements of fitness rehabilitation spa.

INGENIOUS DESIGN AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL AND HYDROTHERAPY POOLS has original and innovative design that makes it user friendly. Our philosophy has always been to deliver a quality product by focusing our design on innovation.


Not only prevent the dangerous of fall down or jump into water, ensure people's safe. User stay on the safety platform cozily, But also it is the safety platform for your Coach or the rehabilitation nurse.


The treadmill has its own independent operating system and touch intelligent control panel. 4 kinds of motion modes are available, intelligent technology, simple and convenient to operate.


Safety Key is a protective device during your movement exercise. Connect with the Safety bracelet, just pull the Safety Bracelet, the Safety Key will be off, to switch off the power immediately.


It’s important to keep the heart rate a suitable levelduring sporting. AQUATREK Fitness treadmill pools has a heart rate monitoring system, it will help you learn about your body status during the motion, thus help you reach the most out of your workout.


Afraid of fall down on the treadmill? This will never happen! AQUATREK Fitness Treadmill Pools is with a Safety Bracelet, just pull it slightly inan emergency, the working machine will stop running immediately, without any injuries.


Anti-skid Shoes is professional shoes for diving. With a tough and durable rubber bottom, very comfort, it can effectively avoid possible injuries to human knee and ankle joints.The sole is designed with special horizontal grooves and a good grip to prevent slipping when entering or exiting water. Elastic Laces for quick wear and take off.


AQUATREK is equipped with resistance force nozzles which can be adjustable, act as incline setting of dry treadmill.Knee joints will be impaired in various levels due to run on rough roads, especially uphill and downhill.Joint injury will be minimized as water resistance when we run on AQUATREK FITNESS TREADMILL & POOLS.Meanwhile, AQUATREK provide deferent running intensity via resistance force nozzles, equal to 1~8% incline seeing of dry treadmill.


AQUATREK FITNESS TREADMILL & POOLS equipped with high-efficiency water treatment system which comply with European law.


Running is different with other exercises, it needfully breaks, AQUATREK FITNESS RUNNING POOL has rest seat, and it can make you more comfortable, healthier.


AQUATREK Fitness treadmill & pools have four sports modes: Jogging,Acceleration,Sprint, and Free, to cater different user’s demands. They are not just a treadmill or pool, but a brand new sports equipment integrating with high technology, humanization design, Fitness and rehabilitation functions. While exercising, relaxing, AQUATREK fitness treadmill & pools can also provide certain rehabilitation assistance for the injured, shorten recovery time, and create a healthy life for users


It is mixed mode as well, let users choose speed, level and mode by themselves freely. Suggest users to choose mixed mode, warm up for 3 mintues at speed of 3-4km/h, then do as per below: Curve of variable speed, Walk for 30 seconds at speed of 6km/h, then walk for 30 seconds at speed of 8km/h; Walk for 45 seconds at speed of 6km/h, then walk for 45 seconds at speed of 8km/h; Walk for one minute at speed of 6km/h, then walk for one minute at speed of 8km/h; Adjust resistance jet to the maximum at whole process, end with ease exercise.


Aerobic exercise can fully burn extra calories, as well as consuming body fat, strengthening cardiac and pneumonic function, prevents osteoporosis, and adjusting psychological and mental state. It is the main form of fitness exercise.
Professional advice: Firstly, jogging 2 minutes in 2km/h, then, jogging by tiptoe 1 minute in 4km/h, after that, jogging by heel 1 minute in same speed. After steps above twice, turn on Resistance force nozzle, Switch to the medium speed, striding 2 minutes. Turn off Resistance force nozzle, jogging 2 minutes.


Excess weight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, losing weight quickly in the right way to keep healthy and fit is necessary. As water resistance, water running will burn more sugars and consume more body fat, better way for fat people. Professional advice: Jogging for 5 minutes in 3-4km/h to warm up, then fast running 5 minutes with high speed of Resistance force nozzle. After that, turn off Resistance force nozzle and jogging 2 minutes in 2km/h. 4 times repeat steps above. Soothing activity at last.


Help users achieve much better effect from exercise, build more strong and beautiful body shape. Suggest users to warm up for 5minutes at speed of 4-5km/h, then sprint for 6minutes, adjust resistance jet to the maximum, close resistance jet, walk for 2minutes at speed of 2-1km/h. Repeat 4times, then do ease exercise.


AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS equip with strong massage water gun which can be used for local Massage.

Massage after exercise can reflectively improve and regulate the function of central nerve, eliminate fatigue.
The lactic acid that accumulates in the muscle during exercise can be transformed or excreted as soon as possible through massage after exercise.
Not only can that, in the rehabilitation process, injured patents speed up recovery through proper massage.


During exercise, the wrong motion can cause additional damage to the body.In order to give users a better experience of fitness, rehabilitation, AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS Can choose to install monitoring system, real time delivery the actual motion of the user underwater, In order to better correct the wrong action. In addition, the monitoring system of AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS, also has the function of remote training monitoring. In the absence of a doctor or coach, Users can conduct rehabilitation and exercise training by themselves with remote guidance from a doctor or coach.


The increasingly busy modern city, the rapid pace of life, heavy workload, all bring people various pressure. Proper exercise can not only release the stress, but also strengthen the body and keep healthy. The AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS, Allows you to enjoy the convenience of technology while relaxing and exercising.Luxury design style allows you to enjoy every healthy exercise time.


The arrival of new age, not only brought technology but also health.AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS is a high-tech product of the new age, equipped with smart control panel, smart switch,remote monitoring system, and user-friendly operating system and other accessories with smart technology system.


AQUATREK AQUATIC TREADMILL & POOLS has a harbor where the people can relax in the stressful life. It's a treadmill and a place for people to relieve stress after heavy work. It is also a rehabilitation assistance product and a powerful partner for the injured patents in the rehabilitation process. it will make you feel healthy and comfortable at ever y moment.


The exerciser put on the special water sport coat, and then run in waist deep water.This is a very modern and practical sport. Because when running in the water, the resistance is very high, so it makes the body get better exercise and speeds up metabolism. If the relatively thin person do this sport, it is easy to hunger, and thereby increases appetite and effectively improves digestive system function to enhance physical fitness.


The products mainly include three series of AQUATREK aquatic equipment, barrier-free auxiliary equipment and water rehabilitation sports equipment.

AQUATREK water sports training equipment utilize the therapeutic properties of water to set up a relatively gravity-free environment, which can help patents achieve ideal physiotherapy effects for who need muscle training and treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

AQUATREK can provide personalized solutions upon different needs of customers for customized products to make sure they perfectly match high-end clubs, spas, rehabilitation centers, health centers


The integrated portable design and intelligent control system meet the uninterrupted requirements of fitness and rehabilitation. Equipped with powerful water gun which can quickly convert or excrete accumulated lactic acid in muscle producing during exercise.

The monitoring system is installed so that the patient or user can perform rehabilitation and exercise training without the presence of a doctor or a coach.


The equipment obtained a number of national and international testimonials.Let user get into hot AQUATREK fitness treadmill pool of Hydrotherapy center or athlete muscle recovery training sink of rehabilitation center more easily, improve the well-being of rehabilitation patients.


AQUATREK adopt propeller technology, frequency conversion technology, apply special designed counter flow device to produce laminar flow, speed of the flow can be switched, the maximum flow rate reach at 2.3m/s, it is the best choice for natatorium. The unique utter effect of propeller technology resonates with the fat in human body to consume excess fat, which is good for weight loss. If AQUATREK underwater treadmill be installed at front of counterflowdevice, it will be the best spa rehabilitation equipment for recovery and rehabilitation.

“We are constantly committing to creating a healthy and comfortable life with technology.”

SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL Our products are designed keeping the customer in mind, suiting both the aesthetic and the practical.

COMPETITIVE PRICES The most competitively prices underwater treadmills and hydrotherapy setups on the market

QUALITY IS KING Although our products have the most competitive prices, our work culture demands that quality remains our top priority.

24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE Round the clock support, literally! Go ahead, call any of our customers and see what they say

EASY TO USE You do not have to go through a ‘TIME CONSUMING HYDROTHERAPY’ course to learn how to use our products! We provide online/offline training to our customers and On-site training is provided at the time of installation


AQUATREK offers aquatic therapy solutions to Healthcare Centre, Hospitals, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Sports Institutes, Physiotherapy Colleges etc. Our responsible team member will provide you more information:

Details about the therapeutic advantages of AQUATREK technology.
A description of the various patient populations who can benefit from water therapy.
Installation best practices and design ideas.
Information on our world-class service team and our direct maintenance and service model.
An interactive ROI and profit analyser session for you to run the profitability numbers tailored to your setup.