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  • A whole body cryotherapy session is a three minute treatment that exposes the body
  • To extreme temperatures as low as -160°C to promote rapid recovery, increase performance,
  • Decrease fatigue, enhance beauty and improve overall wellbeing.

The CRYO XC is a technologically advanced whole body
cryotherapy chamber designed for effective, safe, and convenient
cryotherapy application.
The XC is equipped with latest features for safe and ergonomic
everyday use, such as dual doors, client lift, session info screen,
touchscreen control panel and latest safety kit.
Its compact dimensions, modern design, efficiency and excellent
cryotherapy experience make it an ideal choice for both businesses
and individuals.
The CRYO XC is a perfect addition to physiotherapy clinics,
gyms, sports clubs, spas, beauty clinics as well as private homes.

The session only takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete and leaves clients with benefits far
beyond what traditional methods of cryotherapy based on water or ice can offer.


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